Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

Hey all–my computer is waiting for a part to be sent in the mail, thus the lack of entries lately! Thanks for all of the birthday greetings! My good friend/housemate/classmate Jen and I actually have the exact same birthday–isn’t that hilarious?!? We hosted a major bash at The Seven-Five-One (our house) on 9 Jan Oh 4. Joe and a bunch of girls from school came over for an elegant evening of food and wine–complete with a birthday hat scavenger hunt, balloons and festive streamers. We consumed 10 bottles of wine and some other random carbonated beverages, and it was a fantastic birthday all-in-all!

Dave and I had a fantastic week in San Francisco over the New Year Holiday!! Mad pics coming soon. We visited XOX Truffles, drove down Lombard St. and ate at about 20 different great restaurants! In other news, I’ve changed plans again about what-to-do-when-I-graduate (surprise, surprise: this happens about every 2 days). The ultimate goal for now is to find a fabulous, high-paying job at a world class hotel in the SF and an extremely hot, low-rent apartment in North Beach; as it doesn’t really make sense to move all the way back across the country after living here for less than a year. There’s still a ton left to explore here on the West Coast, so whether I end up in San Fran or some other coastal town, I’ll definitely be here in Cali for at least another year. So if you haven’t visited yet, you’ve got some more time!