Weirdos and Cake

dog.bmpI am henceforth boycotting Expedia.

I had such a ridiculous experience at the grocer’s tonight. I ran in (literally) for some extra-bitter bittersweet chocolate, butter and pistachios–and so there I am, reviewing the lame-o selection of inferior chocolate that Safeway sells and I feel someone watching me… I look up and hello, weirdo alert–and then he actually winked!! So I pick some chocolate and quickly head to the nut aisle–where–while I’m perusing the nuts for about 30 seconds this same creep peeks around the corner THREE TIMES!! OMG. Starting to get annoyed (especially since they don’t sell pistachios at Safeway either), I move on in search of butter. Surprise surprise! Guess who else decides he needs butter?! So he sidles up to me and says–get this–“Hey cutie! How you doin’?” GAG ME WITH A WET NOODLE PLEASE! What a FREAAAAAAAAAAK! I was so upset by the entire encounter and by not finding anything in the quality I needed that I dropped all of my goods onto the pile of butter and left the store! Ha!!

In other news, I have several new favorite cakes. The most interesting is the Gateau St. Honore. What a hot piece of work this is. I really want to make it for Christmas dinner, but don’t think I’m going to have time…this is the picture of the one I made in class a couple of weeks ago. Sooo yummy!

In yet OTHER news, I am extremely disappointed that none of you have enlightened us about what you would like in your stockings this year!!! Where’s the holiday spirit folks?!?! Where’s the creativity?!?!


  1. Carrie · December 16, 2003

    Aren’t stalkers HIGHLY ANNOYING! Oak and I had this random dude come up to us at a beer festival over the weekend, and he was like, “You work at IBM don’t you?” NEVER SEEN THIS GUY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Frightening thought! At least I had Oak there for protection. The conclusion: we need to just stop being so hot, that’s all. We will go to S&A and buy some mumus and orthopedic shoes, and random men will never taunt us again! Ding!

    Do you have Fresh Market or Whole foods in California? They have a great variety of high-quality food products you would definitely enjoy 🙂

  2. ben · December 17, 2003

    Fine then…I want shira in my stockings!
    (this message inspired by the creepy guy at safeway)
    ps. how’s it going shira? do I still owe you an email? probably. sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll catch up with you soon.

  3. Shira · December 17, 2003

    Hahahahaha!!! What a great thing to ask for, Ben!! 🙂 Great to hear from you! How are things in the ‘cuse? Is it snowing hurricanes there? Are you ready for Christmas? I was looking through old pics of our days at Bingo last night and found some from that birthday party you had…(speaking of stalkers…I can’t believe I carved that huge frickin’ pumpkin hahhaha). I hope that didn’t give you a creepy vibe!! Anyways, all’s good here–I’m sooo looking forward to going home for break, and spending some quality relaxation time with the fam and friends. Hope you’re planning on doing the same!! Have you made any exciting Christmas crafts with the troop? ttys!!

  4. uncle gerry · January 10, 2004

    I know two dogs down in Santa Monica who are very pissed that there pixs haven’t made the website yet! One of them refuses to sleep with you anymore!!!