Happy Birthday!

Phoebe and John had their baby today!! Whooo!! Congratulations guys! It’s a girl, Sydney Anne, and I think she weighed just a little over 8 pounds! This is so exciting!! I can’t wait to go and visit them at Christmas! Mom, Dad and the boys are going to see them all over Thanksgiving break.
Speaking of holidays, here’s a little snap of Phoebe and the fam last Thanksgiving. Gosh, looking at all of this food is making me soooo ready for T Day Dinner. Do you guys have any special Thanksgiving traditions? I’m always in charge of making the centerpiece/placecards–just about my favorite job ever!! A couple years ago I made a giant (we’re talking 10 feet tall) 3D stuffed paper turkey–complete with a rainbow of feathers and an oversized, bulbous gobbler. SO HOT. He’s still stashed away with our holiday decorations. I wonder how vegans and vegetarians feel about this American holiday (one of the few native traditions that is uniquely ours)? I’ll have to do a survey at school tomorrow and get back to you…

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  1. hansi · December 1, 2003

    Hi Shira, congratulations for the new baby in the family and happy thanksgiving. kisses, Hansi