Miracle Berries & A Favorite Picture

boat.jpgHave you heard about miracle berries??  They look like oblong cranberries and trick your tongue into experiencing flavors in a new way.  Apparently they’re all the rage in NYC.  I’m dying to try one!!  Check out this New York Times article for the juicy details.

This is about the only decent picture of me and the bros that’s been taken in the last ten years.  There are lots of cute ones from when we were little, but now that we’re older I guess we’re not as photogenic… 

He we are at the lake on the ol’ Gypsy Star (a.k.a. “You What?!”) which unfortunately hasn’t seen the water in at least two years. Big progress on the Rock this year – the new kitchen is in and all the drywalling is done.  Dad built a deck last weekend, can’t wait to see it all!!


  1. Carrie · May 30, 2008

    I’ve never heard of the miracle berry! It sounds interesting…. what a fun queen motifa party that would be!

    I think I remember seeing that picture back near when you took it – how is Minnie Mae doing these days?

  2. Shira · May 30, 2008

    She died! Poor thing. She got pretty sick and had these huge cancerous grapefruit-type growths all over her body. well, I think they were benign growths, but still. We had to put her to sleep. *sniff* My parents have a new dog now that is totally cute as well – a cheerful people dog. I can’t think what breed it is right now…the kind with the really long hair that you can show at dog shows. But they cut her hair short. Her name is Bailey/Chewlito.

  3. Carrie · May 30, 2008

    Aw, Poor Minnie! Sorry to hear about that. 🙁 Well, she and Mickey can be together now in doggie heaven. The new dog sounds cute, you’ll have to post some pictures next time you go home! For now I get my dog fix with some of our friends’ pets. I am too lazy at this point to take them out 6 times a day. LOL! Maybe someday!

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