CioccolaTò & The Mole

On Sunday we went to Torino to experience their annual chocolate festival, CioccolaTò. I have to say, it wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping.  Torino has several famous chocolate making companies–Venchi, Streglio, Peyrano, etc. — and a couple new, smaller artisan producers like Giraudi are popping up now that the city is promoting its chocolate history.

There were a few free samples and lots of hot chocolate (too bad it was 70 degrees out!), but nothing really creative or new, at least in the stands that were in the main piazza.  Maybe next year I’ll have to check out the laboratories.

Afterwards we went to the Mole to check out the National Museum of Film.  There was lots to see and a sort of magic glass elevator that took you up to the top to see the few of Torino from above.  Groovy.


  1. Carrie · March 5, 2008

    Yum. Did you take pictures??? We have all sorts of crazy festivals here like that one… later this month we are going to the Pickle Festival (Mount Olive pickles are manufactured like an hour away from where we live). LOL. Exciting! Have you ever had an okra pickle? They are delicious! (OK maybe not as delicious as chocolate…)

  2. Shira · March 13, 2008

    I brought my camera, but as usual didn’t actually take any pictures…it wasn’t inspiring enough anways. I’ve never had an okra pickle, but they sound really good! Maybe you can vacuum pack me one and ship it!! 😀

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