Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty uneventful.  I did a thorough cleaning of the household on Saturday morning and basically hung out the rest of the day, making Valentine’s Day decorations.  Last night Luca went out with the buds so I watched Anne of Avonlea and made cookie dough (again for the Vday party–making the same marmalade-filled linzer hearts I made for Aunt Joan’s wedding).  Anne makes me cry every time!  You’d think I would be immune to this film after having watched it as many times as I have, but no.  Man, it’s so good. 

I saw another, almost-Anne-quality film while I was at home over Christmas.  It was Masterpiece Theater’s Jane Eyre.  I had never heard of Toby Stephens before (perhaps because he’s British).  What a hottie.  In fact, considering the fact that Mr. Rochester is supposed to be an older, somewhat unattractive character, I’m surprised they chose Stephens for this part (though who could resist him?).  I need to get a copy of this movie, even if it doesn’t accurately follow the original piece of literature, it’s highly entertaining.

Speaking of entertaining, we went to Aosta two weekends ago to get away.  Visited our friends who work at Gros Cidac, the best (Italian) grocery store ever and went to our favorite restaurant, Aux Plaisirs Demodes, in Saint Marcel.  The first night we were there, we went into Aosta city center to get a bite for dinner.  Luca’s hands were so chapped they were starting to bleed.  I fortunately remembered that Rosanna (Luca’s Mom) had given me two mono-portion samples of hand cream a while back that I had in my purse.  So while we were waiting for dessert, I took one out and gave it to him.  He was in such a rush to start healing his poor hands that he didn’t read the label and just started spurting it all over. 

Turns out it was liquid body soap.  With an extremely powerful rose scent.

Oh my god, I was dying.  We were both crying we were laughing so hard.  The whole restaurant (which consisted of one small room with tables too close together) smelled like roses.

Just goes to show you, haste makes waste.


  1. Carrie · February 11, 2008

    Well, at least his hands were very clean! LOL. I love linzer cookies! At Guglhupf, the german bakery here, they make them, but dip the entire top cookie in CHOCOLATE! YUMMERS! (well actually you can get the plain version too.. but yeah, I’m goin’ for the chocolate!).

  2. Annette Piper · February 12, 2008

    I am completely with you on the Toby Stephens front – he is scrumptious – just like your cookies by the sound of it!

  3. Shira · February 13, 2008

    Mmm, the chocolate dipping sounds like a good idea. These cookies are such a pain in the you know what. They’re worth it, because they’re good, but the dough is finicky and you have to cut all the hearts out, boil the marmalade, sugar the tops, fill them and sandwhich them and then re-fill them….I can’t imagine having to dip the tops in chocolate too! But that would be good. Sometimes I put nutella inside, which is also good. I’m making chocolate fondue for the party, so I guess they can dip them in chocolate themselves if they want to!

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