Perfectly Pleasurable Products

I’m a bargain shopper, always have been.  That’s why I am so excited about a few products I recently discovered that are both cheap and fabulous:

Dove Pro Age Day Moisturizer (spf 15) –  My Mom introduced me to this find, $4.99 at Ollie’s.  It’s the best moisturizer I’ve used in years – light but intensive and a great bonus is that you can use it as sunscreen too!  It smells great–watermelony but not too strong and there’s a tiny tiny bit of neutral sparkle.

Oil of Olaz Skin Adapt Latte Detergente (Isn’t it interesting that Oil of Olay changed their name to Oil of Olaz for the Italian market?  There’s no “y” in the Italian alphabet…).  I think this might be a product made only for the European market, as I didn’t find it on the Olay site, but I’m not sure.  It’s a milky face wash that you can wipe off with a tissue or wash off with water.  It has a great fresh scent and makes your face feel totally clean and moisturized after use.  Score.  Cost circa €4,00.

My third favorite product is less bargain basement than the others, but seeing as how you only need to use a few drops (and therfor it lasts a really long time), it really doesn’t cost that much.  It’s Rusk’s Sheer Brilliance Polisher.  A four ounce bottle cost $11–but I use it on all special occasions (once a week) and have had it for three years!  (There’s still a quarter of a bottle left too).  This product is for hair–and if you have hair with the tendency to frizz, this product is for you.  My hair doesn’t even frizz that much, but when I use the two magical drops of this, it stays nice and shiny for days.  I can even get away with not washing my hair everyday when I use this polisher.

And finally, Burt’s Bees chapstick.  If you like tingly, minty lips–get it.




  1. Carrie · January 31, 2008

    ah, I enjoy Burt’s Bees a lot too – especially the lip shimmer (in watermelon). It’s got the same tingly effect with a touch of color! I highly recommend it.

    Did you realize Burt’s Bees is in Durham, NC? I pass their office when I go to lunch sometimes! I’ve heard that apparently sometimes they have warehouse sales, but I have not been able to find out when these sales actually occur. Booo. :

  2. Shira · January 31, 2008

    No I did not realize that!! Hotness. I love companies that have special deals like that. Do you remember that little store in Batavia (near The Melton Factory) that used have samples of “designer” clothing for really cheap? (Visions of the blue flowered pajama dress…) I miss that place.

    I also highly enjoy the watermelon flavor and scent. yum. I once got a different burt’s chapstick that was very colored and unfortunately the color was awful, at least on me. I still have it somewhere… The shimmer looks like it’s a more natural coloring.

  3. Carrie · February 1, 2008

    unfortunately “watermelon” to Burts Bees only means the color – not the flavor or scent. It’s pretty much the same as the chapstick.

    For some reason I don’t really remember that “designer” place… but my mom and I used to spend many an hour searching for bargains in the Melton’s (or was it Milton’s? I don’t remember). I remember this one time… my mom spent something like $50 on pink jeans, which was a lot then, and then like 2 weeks later we found the exact same jeans in Melton’s for $20. She was so mad.. haha. Those blue dresses were hotness. We should find some new matching outfits sometime soon.. 🙂

  4. Carrie · February 4, 2008

    LOL – I just clicked on your “Bargain shopping” category. Gosh, we are hilarious aren’t we? if only any of those hot dresses actually fit!!! hahaha. I feel we need to do some more thrift shopping photo documentation sometime soon!

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