squirt.gifJackie and I went to Pen Yan last night to see Finding Nemo–the new Disney movie that’s in theaters right now. It was so good!! It reminded me of The Little Mermaid a bit because all of the characters had very distinctive accents and because it was set under water. hee hee! The moving pictures were beautiful! The movie was made using Pixar, which is a special computer animation process that creates the actual images and things you see. It’s quite interesting! Pixar also created Toy Story and A Bug’s Life, but interestingly, I didn’t think that these movies looked at all alike! I guess that’s one of the nice features about being able to computer generate original artwork–it can look completely different with each movie! Anyways, Nemo was a great movie and I highly recommend it!

I’m heading home for a night on Tuesday to pick up mail, do laundry, and visit the fam and the house. It’s good to get a change of scenery every so often, don’t you think? Also, I have made a new resolution to “get out more” and see the fingerlakes area. Planned trips thus far include: Pen Yan Farmer’s Market and a day-long hike on The Fingerlakes Trail.