Summertime and the livin’s easy

OH MY GAWD! I discovered THE ABSOLUTE BEST Salvation Army today. It’s freaking amazing, yo!!! It doesn’t even compare to the other Salvation Armies Carrie and I visited in Troy and Albany!!! I went on a serious shopping spree and spent about $30 for an entire new wardrobe practically! While perusing the racks I came across a great country western line dancing skirt–dude, it must have weighed about 15 pounds!! AND THE TWIRL! I wish I had brought a camera crew so that you could see how that skirt twirled! It was so great! Among the items I actually purchased are a sexy black “going out” shirt, a real vintage Army shirt (it actually has the ARMY tag still on it!!), A guy’s light blue button down, the FUNNEST HOTTEST dress I think I’ve ever owned: it’s a light blue-ish green with white polka dots and looks like a 20’s flapper dress kind of…hard to explain, but it’s extremely hot, a pair of jean shorts (because I have exactly NO pairs of shorts that are not black spandex :-P)….. and a top-of-the-line designer name white slip dress with an exotic flower embroided on one shoulder. This one is actually 3 sizes too big, but I’m going to ask my friend, who is also a fashion designer, to alter it for me. Ding! All in all, it was a very very VERY exciting trip. I must have tried on 40 different things! AIIEEEE!!!

In other news, work is going well! I finally feel like I’m back in the swing of things after the semester away. Business hasn’t actually gotten busy yet, but we’re all hopeful that next weekend will bring the start of the summer season. I’m staying at The Rock again with Minnie Mae. Working lots of hours–besides being Luch Chef six-seven days a week I’m hostessing 3-4 nights after that. It’s lots of fun!

I’m so excited for Napa!! I can’t believe that I haven’t even had time to put up the pics from our trip there in March yet! Ahgaigha. Sorry ’bout that guys. I don’t have an internet connection this summer, so I guess you won’t be seeing those until I actually get to California! I also have yet to post real pics of the last parties we had at school, Spring break in North Carolina, Aunt Joan’s wedding, and several other highly exciting events. If I even had a real phone at the place I’m staying this summer, I totally could put those babies up, but alas. I guess the suspense of waiting for another few months will just make them all that more exciting when you do actually get to see them, right?

Just to let you know why I’m not posting as often as usual–it’s that the library is usually open only during the time when I’m at work, so it’s not that I don’t love ya’ll, just that the public computer acess at my fingertips is quite limited. Hope you’re all having a great summer!!