New Beginnings

So, my college career at Binghamton University has finally come to a close. *Sob* It’s a bit bittersweet to know that most of us will be leaving this place forever (sweet that we never have to come back, but bitter because we’re all going to separate corners of the globe!) Good luck to everyone!!

graduation.jpgLast Friday we hosted a scandalous party here in Building 7 G01. Let’s play a little game: I’ll provide the pictures and you guess the theme….

This weekend Joe and I spent some quality time together–did some camping and whatnot. The spot we stayed at (before the Tornado hit) was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! It was decidedly the best camping spot I’ve ever seen and the most fun and enjoyable camping trip I think I’ve ever been on. Due to the extensive audience we’re witholding the name of our camping area for fear that, as a result of this free publicity, the site will be over-run with tourists and avid campers. We can tell you that it was on a lake in the Adirondacks–if you want to know more you’ll have to do some serious blackmailing.

On Monday and Tuesday we (Da Girls) travelled to Caitlin Larabee’s getaway house–which is also located in the Adirondacks. Because of its status as “One of our Last Big Flings Together” we gave ourselves up to a night of ultimate bonding experiences (as is evidenced in the photos, we hold nothing back).

Tommorrow is the traditional Senior Bar Crawl. During this historical event, all graduates take their mugs and their friends and follow an Official Bar Crawl Map in a tour of every bar in Binghamton. I believe it Officially starts around 4pm and lasts until about 6am. We purchased special attire for the event (in the form of neon colored fake hair pieces and glitter hair spray). Should be lots of fun!

P.S. Didn’t quite have time to make pretty websites for these photos yet, which they definitely need because they can easily be misconstrued, but if you want to just see the pics and can wait a while for the beautiful display, here are the pictures from the (You-guess-the-theme) party and here are the pics from our trip to the Adirondaks.