Kitchen Spanish

Esas son algunas palabras �tiles para cocineros. The Hispanic guys I worked with in Vegas taught me these words, none of which are in any of the Spanish-English dictionaries I own, so I can’t be sure of their accuracy, but I used them on a daily basis and everyone seemed to understand what I was saying. Perhaps they’ll be useful to you as well!

mantecida; mollete- muffin
panquecitos- little pastries
jarabe- syrup
raspada- sorbet
garapi�era- ice cream machine
tapadera- lid, cover
fiebra- scrubbie
charolla- sheetpan
espatula- spatula
chaparito- little one (i.e. short little guy)
orno- oven
cocer- bake
gorra, cachucha- cap/hat
tabla- cutting board
bascula- scale