Chocolate and Whipped Cream

whip.jpgThis was a rough week: the first week I actually had real schoolwork to do every single day! Plus, I took the entrance exam for the Culinary School that I’m desperately hoping to get into. So, I got to study 8th grade math all week too, which was really a nice change since I haven’t done math since senior year of high school!

(Want a taste? Here’s a SIMPLIFIED problem for you: The cost of food sold at the Seascape Inn amounted to $347,991. The food sales totaled $1,853,234. What is the food cost percent of the Seascape? The real catch is that you’re NOT ALLOWED TO USE A CALCULATOR)

To celebrate the end of all this hectic stressfulness (and because we like to have fun as much as possible), Caitlin L. held a potluck dinner last night. She made pork tenderloin soaked in a vinegar marinade for two days–yummo! We also had corn, rice, two different kinds of chicken, and wine. Then for dessert Jen made a tasty fruit shortcake and I made a buttermilk chocolate cake with chocolate sour cream frosting. The cake was an experiment that I don’t recommend anyone try, so I won’t post the recipe. But the frosting was good!

In the process of doling out the whipped cream for these tasty treats, a whipped cream war ensued; then Luis got out the chocolate syrup. Oh boy. Can we say HUGE MESS? I think we can. By the end of the whole thing just about everyone was COVERED from head to foot in whipped cream and chocolate. And then Caitlin K. decided it would be hilarious to incorporate the entire dessert onto our bodies so she started throwing cake crumbs. Faces were the main targets, so you can just imagine the fun we all had washing our hair last night. AIEE! It was great fun!

Jen and co. are going to have better pictures on their sites soon–these are just a few to give you an idea of the situation. 😉
Joe is coming to visit today!


  1. Carrie · April 5, 2003

    Why is it that all your parties, someone ends up covered in chocolate? This I do not understand!

  2. Shira · April 10, 2003

    I think perhaps because chocolate is an inspiring food. Who could possibly mind being covered in chocolate….sure it’s a little sticky, but it makes you happy! And this is the first all out chocolate war we’ve had. It was just syrup so we weren’t wasting quality cocoa beans.