door.jpg Artisan doors are very big in Verduno. In fact, I’ve started a photo essay on the doors in Italy. Here’s my new door. The apartment was once a Macelleria (butcher’s shop) and B G stand for the last names of the two men that worked together: Brero (Luca’s relation) and G something something that no body seems to remember. At least the people I’ve talked to so far. I’ll have to ask Zio–I share the cortille (courtyard) with several people, two of which are Luca’s great Uncle and Aunt (Elisa). I don’t know the uncle’s real name because everyone always refers to him as Zio (Uncle). He’s very inquisitive and proud of the fact that at 87 he still drives the tractor on the farm. He’s convinced that if he takes a walk and drinks enough coffee everyday, he’ll live forever. It’s worth a shot!!

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  1. Carrie · November 29, 2005

    Enjoyable holiday motifa! Is that Minnie Mae in the snow or does she have an Italian twin?

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