Oh Dear

candy_corn.jpgOkay, so I sent a bunch of you some Halloween treats in the mail, but I have a feeling that they REALLY are NOT going to ship well. At all. So, I just want to warn you that if a leaking box arrives on your doorstep, it’s not from the Wicked Witch of the West, it’s from me, and the best thing to do is just throw the whole thing out. Unless everything seems fine, which it may!! If not, consider it perfect fuel for your very own sacrificial bonfire. I do apologize. You know, I try to send exciting things, but you just can’t get moltenchocolate worthy treats if they need to be shipped…those extra two days decrease the quality of everything. What a disaster. You should all just go buy Pilsbury cookies in a can and make those instead. Or, better yet, brine some pumpkin seeds! Happy Halloween!


  1. Carrie · November 1, 2004

    I appreciate your effort to get us tasty halloween treats! Do you have any magical methods for caramel apples? I had a granny smith one last year that was SO good. I wish I remember where we bought it from. I doubt I really need to make a dozen apples anyway – lol. 🙂

    I am also enjoying your new harvest motifa! I’m glad that your site seems to be working now! haha. How’s your spam blocker working? I have had to add entries to mine like every day lately – but it is better than erasing it all manually. lol. Did you take the picture on the main page yourself??

  2. Mom · November 2, 2004

    Thanks for the goodies. They were all great and the condition was fine, no worse for the wear. We’re still a little confused about the dried up thing that might have been an apple though. Any hints??

  3. Carrie · November 2, 2004

    I got my package today – wow ! Totally full of goodies! I had my candied apple tonight for dinner, and I must say that it fulfilled my craving that I was talking about in the over comment. *ding*!

    I don’t know hwat you thought would leak, but everything in my box came along just fine! Yummers.

    And don’t you think you were tricky putting those Quints in there. I bet that is what your mom is talking about. LOL. Are you going to have a moltenchocolate.com contest – “Things to do with a mutated quint” ? As long as the prize is more moltenchocolate goodies, I am game. lol 🙂

    Thanks for the treats!


  4. Shira · November 3, 2004

    Yes, Carrie, the site seems to be working great now! I think black list is the best invention EVER!! All of the really annoying people are gone now, I’ve only gotten a couple new ones! Score! Yes, I did take that picture on the front pages, and the ones on Roomies too. It’s from the farmer’s market in San Francisco (the one that we went to, but I took the pic on a different day…). Isn’t it a festive melange of gourds?!

    I’m glad everyone got their packages in one piece with no leakages or anything! I have to say I’m highly surprised, but perhaps I was a little over protective of the apples. All’s well that ends well!

    I had to throw at least a little trick in with the treats, Mom. The decaying black thing that looks like a dried up monkey skull (to me) is a quince carcass. When TK came to cook at Bouchon for one of our big events, I had to make six hundred mini quince balls. The excess part I roasted in the oven and then let dry out for several months. They smelled really good…sort of like pumpkin pie and autumn leaves when I baked them, but unfortunately that fragrance didn’t really last.