Meet Valentino & Valentina

Meet Valentino & Valentina

For Valentine’s Day I created these two lovelies for Jackson and Sydney.  Accidentally fell in love with them along the way too.

I pretty much followed this tutorial for Valentina and this one for Valentino.  The mouse tutorial isn’t that great though – his neck was tricky and not easy to close.  I added rice to both of them to give them some weight (Valentino had no problem flying, but continued to face plant when trying to stand up).

Valentina’s hair was kind of tricky.  I didn’t feel like crocheting it, so I ended up following these directions:


faceI also didn’t have the right kind of paint for her face, so I embroidered it all, which was kind of a pain, but I’m pretty happy with the way it came out.  I was inspired by this doll to the left, who is absolutely gorgeous.

cda5495f82c847a53c9794e0d43f1ef8And, of course, after I finished Super Toppino, I found this felted mouse who is also incredibly adorable, with his little saddlebag and scarf.  And I love the lined, hooded cape on this other guy too. 1319705539_1


  1. Carrie · May 1, 2014

    They are adorable! 🙂 So Valentina has different outfits? Fancy! Nice work 🙂

  2. Shira · May 1, 2014

    Thanks! Yes, she does have outfits. Mostly because my can-can dancing clown skirt is hanging out in my craft room and i’m slowly deconstructing it into anything that comes to mind. Hence the tutu, which she wears with her mermaid top, which seemed kinda…like she had too much skin showing, hence the ghetto-chic jean jacket. 🙂

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