Mini-Vaca to The Homestead

chipper.jpgMy trip home this past weekend was the best vacation I’ve had in my entire life. It was so therapeutic to be with people I know (and love) and with people who know (and love) me!! It was extremely difficult to come back to this lonely, torrid heat trap, but here I am, surviving just fine. I’ll post the pictures later this week.


  1. Carrie · August 11, 2004

    Chipper is sporting a beautiful bathing suit!

  2. Hot Ham · August 11, 2004

    And it was so wonderful to have you back!!! even for just a few days…. I hope the Keuka Lake water you absorbed is ample protection agaist that scorching desert heat—at least for a few hours!!!

    Can’t wait to chill again—-Italy?

  3. Shira · August 12, 2004

    Isn’t Chipper looking festive in her summer beachwear? The bottoms are a little big, but who can ever find a bikini that fits perfectly?!

    I know Hammy, I WISH we could have spent more time together!!!

    I’m soOOOOO looking forward to our next chill time. Italy, definitely. Hopefully before then too! Miss you already, Sheesh