July, 2010

A New House

We’re building a new house!  Actually, the construction crew has been at it for a while now and most of the major work is done.  It’s right across the street from where we currently live, so not a major move, but the new house is bigger than our current apartment, and features an extra bedroom and bathroom and a huge balcony off the kitchen.  This week our plumber di fiducia (our faithful plumber), Giovanni (pron. Jo-faaah-nee), finished the hydraulic work and Luca started pulling wires.

We’ve chosen the stove/oven block (similar to this one from Germania, but a slightly different model) and last week picked out the wooden flooring for the hallways, bedroom and one bathroom (see pic).

We probably won’t be moving until next year – no hurry as we love where we live now – but here are some sneak previews (click for bigger pics):