Halloween 2010

A couple of pics from Halloween 2010 – apparently I was too busy hostessing to take pictures during the actual party….

Decorations this year revolved around black lights – the bottles filled with various colors of highlighter fluid are still gracing our kitchen…think they’ll last until next year??  We drank from marmelade jars painted with fosforescente spray paint, there was plenty of themed food (raw hamburger meat which is really big here, breadsticks shaped like fingers and toes, blood soup with mozzarella eyeballs (roasted red pepper instead of tomato), deviled eggs, spicy toasted pumpkin seeds, mummies (pigs in a blanket), worms and dirt for dessert….).  Glow in the dark nail polish and glow sticks for prizes added to the atmosphere…I promise to do a better job of documenting next year!

In attendance: me (I’m still in love with my wig), Luca was a mummy, there was a wizard, little red riding hood, Morticia Adams, a prostitute, several vampires, 3 witches, a butterfly, and a demon.

Harvest Creation

A picture of this week’s harvest creation featuring amaranth, yellow roses and their seed pods and an 8 ft tall unnamed orange flower. I am so in love with Amaranth (got the seeds online from John Scheepers) -it makes the water in the vase turn purple after a day!  You can harvest the amaranth seeds and pop them like mini-baby popcorn in a frying pan – and you can eat the leaves raw in salad or cooked like beet greens.  It’s definitely a multi-purpose plant that brings loads of color to the garden even into Fall.

A New House

We’re building a new house!  Actually, the construction crew has been at it for a while now and most of the major work is done.  It’s right across the street from where we currently live, so not a major move, but the new house is bigger than our current apartment, and features an extra bedroom and bathroom and a huge balcony off the kitchen.  This week our plumber di fiducia (our faithful plumber), Giovanni (pron. Jo-faaah-nee), finished the hydraulic work and Luca started pulling wires.

We’ve chosen the stove/oven block (similar to this one from Germania, but a slightly different model) and last week picked out the wooden flooring for the hallways, bedroom and one bathroom (see pic).

We probably won’t be moving until next year – no hurry as we love where we live now – but here are some sneak previews (click for bigger pics):


Apparently I never told you about the surprise birthday trip I organized for Luca a couple years ago.  I have a bad habit of giving presents that I would like to receive myself, and this was a prime example: a long weekend in Zurich (with stopover on Lake Como) and tickets to a Luciano Pavarotti concert.  I got the idea while watching the 2006 Winter Olympic opening, during which Luca mentioned that it would be nice to see Luciano live sometime.

Unfortunately there were a couple of snafoos along the way – it should have taken only 4 hours to drive to Zurich, but there was roadwork and ended up taking 8 hours.

When we finally arrived, our hotel was nice, on the top floor overlooking the river Limmat and positioned  literally 10 feet away from a church bell tower that  rang the hour every hour, conveniently reminding us (and the rest of Switzerland) what time it was –  even at 5 in the morning.

Nonetheless, we were hardly ever in the hotel and enjoyed ourselves exploring the city, taking a boat tour of Lake Zurich, shopping on the famous Bahnhofstrasse , etc.

The concert was on Sunday evening and we mistakenly took the wrong train in the complete opposite direction of the stadium.  Incredibly stressed that we were going to arrive too late and they wouldn’t let us in (we still needed to pick up our reserved tickets at the box office), we ran around asking for help and finally found a train engineer whose grandmother was Italian and could explain to us which train to get on.  Sweaty and hot, we arrived at the stadium a half an hour late to find the entire place deserted.

The concert had been cancelled.

Vacation from hell, right?  Happy birthday Luca!  So we went back into town and had dinner at a Spanish restaurant where the waiters were mean and openly discriminatory towards tourists and to top it all off they charged us $28 for a dinky plate of unsavory grilled vegetables.

All in all it was an educational experience and we laugh now looking back on the trip (though at the time it really wasn’t funny).  Here are a couple pictures of the highlights.  I wish I had one of the empty stadium!

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