August, 2008

Silvia & Emanuele Wedding

I posted pictures from one of the best weddings I’ve ever attended tonight.  The wedding was held in Aosta this past June and was practically perfect in every way.   The food was so good we’re considering going back to the hotel just to eat again!  (I posted the menus with the pics).

Got back from our great summer vacation in Upstate NY on Saturday.  It was a wonderful, relaxing vacation; pics soon! 

Miles and Miles of Sunflowers

We have sweet fields of sunflowers. 

Could I be any more excited to go home?  No.

We’re heading to LeRoy on Thursday for two weeks of good ol’ home sweet home.

I’ve decided to grow my hair long.  This weekend I reacquainted myself with the world of hair accessories and have decided that I especially enjoy big (€1) hair clips. Today I gave myself what were supposed to be blond highlights. 

They’re actually red.  But that’s okay!  Long hair is fun.