July, 2006

Congratulations Sethy

Seth, newly graduated from high school, in a recent email wrote the following:

“I hope you are having fun and making a lot of money (well at least making money, there are enough millionaries out there, somebody has to be broke, right?)”

Il Transloco


This is a picture of me and Luca in Torino during the Olympics. I know, kinda old. I’ll get around to catching up on the photo gallery one of these days soon.

Well The Big Move-In is approaching quickly. Funny things keep happening that retard our moving in together. Not that there’s a big rush. The bed guys came to deliver the bed the other day. When I payed them they asked if I wanted to come up and make sure they assembled it right. They had assembled it right, too bad it was the wrong bed! A bright blue one at that!! So, we’re still waiting for the new bed to arrive. The matteress got here yesterday. It has a summer side and a winter side, so you can flip it over according to the season and not sweat so much when it’s hot out. Cleverness, no?

In March we ordered a big armoir for the bedroom–a place to put our clothes and shoes and tv, etc. The guy who owns the company we ordered from happens to be one of Luca’s friends. Two months ago he started saying “I’ll bring it on Tuesday”. But then he would never come or call to say that he wouldn’t be coming. We would have to call the office, his cell, and finally his home phone 10 times a day before he answered, only to hear the same old excuses over and over. The excuse last week was ” We had the furniture in the truck and were on our way to deliver it when a cop car ran into us and broke a little piece of your armoir.” Are you kidding me? You could have at least called to tell us. Apparently he’s REALLY coming on Thursday to deliver our long-awaited armoir. We’ll see…