July, 2005

A New Bike

doorknocker.jpgCiao, tutti! . Sorry I’ve been remiss in my web-missives lately. Things here are BUSY! The hotel/restaurant hasn’t opened yet, still waiting for the operi (workers) to finish the restoration and for the government to approve the hotel and restaurant licensing. But we’re getting closer! The bathrooms are all installed, the furniture is starting to arrive, and the pool is almost done!

Marco, our kitchen engineer, is outside as we speak installing the kitchen in the restaurant–ding! (Marco is one of the three operi that I’ve met so far who speaks a little English. He’s whistling “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” this morning). I can’t wait for everything to be mounted so I can polish that brand new stainless steel until it gleams! The tiles on the kitchen wall are white, the arched ceiling (beautiful brickwork that unfortunately we had to cover up because of health regulations) will be a pale yellow I think, and there are two sets of big french doors, so I feel the kitchen atmosphere is going to be bright and cheerful.

I’ve really been slacking on the website here, and still have not posted pictures from Sarah’s wedding or our trip to Toscana. Luca and I also went to Pontechianale (this absolutely adorable tiny town in the mountains that is 45 minutes from the Italian border with France) for a day-and-a-half trip. I promise to try and get to it the first minute I have!

In other news, Luca bought me a mountain bike! And he did it in an especially poignant way, (or as we say in Italian, “Ha fatto una bella figura“) because, rather than just going to buy an expensive new one, he searched for a used one in good shape, gave it a tune up and painted it Big Bird Yellow! Hotness. I just need to get a chestino (cute little wicker basket) for the front of it so I can use it for grocery shopping and blend in with the local 80 year old contadini (farmer-types who don’t get into the city much, and if they do manage to go to town, it’s usually on their bike sporting un bello chestino). Luca says I should use it for mountain biking rather than grocery shopping, but I think I can use it for both. 🙂