door.jpg Artisan doors are very big in Verduno. In fact, I’ve started a photo essay on the doors in Italy. Here’s my new door. The apartment was once a Macelleria (butcher’s shop) and B G stand for the last names of the two men that worked together: Brero (Luca’s relation) and G something something that no body seems to remember. At least the people I’ve talked to so far. I’ll have to ask Zio–I share the cortille (courtyard) with several people, two of which are Luca’s great Uncle and Aunt (Elisa). I don’t know the uncle’s real name because everyone always refers to him as Zio (Uncle). He’s very inquisitive and proud of the fact that at 87 he still drives the tractor on the farm. He’s convinced that if he takes a walk and drinks enough coffee everyday, he’ll live forever. It’s worth a shot!!

Distinguishing Wild Mint from Stinging Nettle

heidi_shira.jpgLots has changed since we last spoke!! The biggest news is that I’m a proud new owner of an old Italian car and that I’ve officially moved out of Sinio and into Verduno, where I have my own apartment. The hotel and restaurant are officially open and all of the castellani are working like maniacs around the clock to keep up the four star standards.

Did everyone have a nice Halloween?! Luca and I made jack-o-lanterns (his second pumpkin carving EVER, can you believe it?!!) three days after the fact, but it was still a Halloweenish celebration. Here, people celebrate their friends and relatives who have passed away by bringing flowers to the cemetery and participating in a special graveside mass.

I went for a walk yesterday to look for some wild mentuccia to use in the evening’s Thai Spring Rolls. Unfortunately, I mistook a stinging nettle for wild mint and had a stinging nose all day long. Won’t make that mistake again!!

Here’s a picture from when our old exchange student Heidi came to visit me in the beginning of September. She stayed with us for a year in NY when I was in 10th grade–eeks, even before moltenchocolate was born!

Devo andare a letto adesso perche sono proprio stanca e domani sveglio presto. Santa Polenta. A presto!!

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