November, 2004


izze.gifHave you tried the new Izze sparkling fruit juices yet? What are you waiting for!? They’re awesome! Seventy percent juice and 30 perecent sparkling water, no added sugar, preservatives or caffeine–they’re every anti-cola drinker’s dream-come-true! Plus, they come in exciting flavors like blackberry, blueberry, clementine and pear. In addition to their nutritious and delicious drinkables, they have an interesting line of miscellaneous productry (i.e. flying discs, anti-odor footwear, visors, and drinkware). Hotness.

Girlfriend Confections

Who’s your girlfriend? Great packaging and six sassy cookie shapes–cell phone, lipstick, tiara, clutch purse, mirror, and nail polish–are the basis of this uber-trendy food company. Confections come in brightly-colored miniature purses–like this mini kiss up. Great marketing idea, but they need to work on product quality. The cookies are impure refuse, I’m afraid. They may be dyed pink, but they taste like stale Save-A-Lot brand “cookies”. Not enjoyable. I haven’t sampled their mints or sour candies, so perhaps those make up for the cookies. Let’s hope so for the hot packages’ sake!

Mood Boosters

Things That Make Me Happy Today:

The Chipmunks’ Christmas Song
AAA Maps
Crunchy leaves
Chucking junk/clutter into the dumpster

Turkey Day At Bouchon

This is what we’ll be serving tomorrow night:

First Course
Confit turkey wings, slow-cooked cranberries, fris�e salad

Second Course
Turkey leg “rillette” with currants, roasted yams and baby leeks

Main Course
Roasted turkey breast, chesnut and foie gras stuffing, brussels sprouts, caramelized apples and potato pur�e

“Pecan Pie” with warm chocolate fondant, roasted pecan mousse and bourbon ice cream

Pumpkin pot de cr�me

Indian bread pudding with brioche, assorted dried fruit and vanilla bean ice cream

MMmmmmmmm!!!! Maybe turkey day away from home won’t be so bad afterall…

Is the World Ending?

mgm.jpgFor the past two days it has been sprinkling non-stop. All roads are flooded (we’re talking FEET of water!). Who was the genius that decided LV roadways don’t need drainage sewers. Hellow?! And this morning as I was coming home from work the sky was bright emerald green. Picture The Wizard of Oz. I was totally freaking out–certain that we were about to be wiped off the face of the earth by a monsoon caliber tornado. Then I realized that it was just the light from the MGM grand reflecting off the water in the clouds that was making everything green. It was still really weird though. And this rain isn’t exactly normal either. What’s going on?


I love chocolate milk. Stirred, not shaken. No powder please. And ice cold. Oh, yeah babe.

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