September, 2004

Carrie in Vegas

Carrie is coming to visit this week! YIPPEEE!!! We’re going to see Mystere on Wednesday night!!! I’m sure we’ll be doing dozens of other exciting things as well. More info soon…

She would lie prone in the bracken

Five hundred. That’s the number of tissues I’ve used in the last week and a half. Lord, how does all this snot accumulate in one body?! You know it’s bad when, in the absence of tissue, you’re desperate enough to blow your nose on a pair of dirty socks. I can’t wait to go to the doctor on Monday and get some real help.

I’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow lately (and have the library fines to prove it). I wish Clark District would extend their lending period to four weeks. Two weeks is just not a sufficient amount of time. I found eight GREAT books that I just HAVE to finish reading. But my time is up! (It’s been up for a week already…) And I’ve only finished four and half books. I would like to win a library card with a lifetime-fine-exemption feature. They should invent a card that you pay for and then not charge you fines when you have overdues, don’t you think? Maybe when I get rich I’ll become a biblophilic philanthropist and my generosity to libraries worldwide will earn me a sort of “get out of jail free” no-fines-to-pay-ever-library card. That’s my idea of heaven.

Fines or no, I’m still thankful that libraries exist: free education at your fingertips! Take a look at some of the great vocab I learned from D. H. Lawrence this week:
insentience – devoid of sensation.
cataclysm – violent catastrophe involving upheaval of the earth’s crust.
intelligentsia – the intellectual ellite of a society.
simulacrum – an image or representation, an unreal or vague semblance.
sere – dry and withered (like flowers).
lambency – flickering lightly on or over a surface; effortlessly light or brilliant.
blether – nonsensical talk.
bolshevism – a.k.a. Soviet Communism.
soporific – tending to cause sleep
insouciant -blithe unconcern.

I dare you to use these in conversation! What new words have you learned recently?

In other news, my trip to SF last weekend was great! I have a new favorite hotel: Hotel Pickwick. I don’t know why Expedia only gave it two stars, it deserves many more in my opinion!