February, 2004

Happy Anniversary!

I neglected to mention earlier that moltenchocolate.com is one year old this month!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I think it’s time for a design transformation!

As soon as that computer part comes in…

What Passion!

I got a candy valentine heart today (or rather I selected one for myself out of the bowl, expecting an exciting jolt of spontaneous passion). Guess what it said on it?
Let’s Read
Hellowwwwwwwwwww! Can we say NOT PASSIONATE. I mean, yes, reading together can certainly be a rewarding, soul-enriching, or even a bonding experience, but it’s NOT exactly at the top of The List of Things I Want To Do On Valentine’s Day. What’s your top ten list?


mike.jpgMoltenchocolate is back–sorry for the interuption, I know you’re waiting in great anticipation to hear what’s been happening in my life the past few weeks! The most exciting new development is a new gig working in the kitchen with Michael Chiarello of the Food Network’s Easy Entertaining with Michael. It’s just for a few days (for right now anyways, I’m sure when they meet me tomorrow they’ll be so awed by my talent, beauty and charm that they’ll immediately sign me to a five year contract for my own show, What’s Shakin’ with Chef Shira. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted (and send you autographed recipes whem I’m famous…).

Throw a Brioche at me, Baby!

Hey everyone! Long time no blog, I know. Let’s break it down:

Things here in the SH are hot and going well–I’m having a big fat superbowl party today!

Jen and I have been hooking up regularly with Cindy Crawford and her professional European fitness trainer, Radu, and as a result we can barely use any of our appendages anymore. No pain, no gain.

I’m very excited for all my peeps coming to visit in February (Carrie and Caitlin all in one month–Can we say “Ding!”)

There’s a line of people behind me, waiting to use this computer, and I need to go whip up some guacamole (one of my new favorite food groups!). Happy Superbowl Sunday!