September, 2003

It works!!

Okay, still trying to figure out this multimedia web business… I think you should be able to download the movie and then just play it on your own computer. Ding! Thanks, Carrie! Make sure to turn the sound up! 


Five years later technology has finally made things easy!  Enjoy:
! Make sure to turn the sound up!Watch the video

Fun with Multi-purpose Cameras


Conducting a new experiment… this is a video from our night out on the town last Friday. Give it a few minutes to download and let me know if it works for you or not. I think I might need to tinker with it some more…this is my first try with embedded videos, so if you’ve got suggestions, throw ’em at me! Thanks!


Surprise Visitor

possum_jeans.jpgHello there, Mr. Possum!! You will not believe what happened last night! A WILD POSSUM COZIED UP IN MY ROOM!!! So I was sitting in the den working on the surprise bonvoyage site, when my housemate yells to me from the next room. Apparently, he heard the pitter patter of little footsteps and looked up in time to see some sort of large animal slink into my bedroom. (THANK GOD HE LOOKED UP!!!)
Upon further investigation we discover this possum hiding under my bed!!! possum_corner.jpg Can you imagine our great surprise and barely-controlled panic!? This has to be one of the most bazaar things that has happened to me all month.

After several moments of squealing and laughing we jump on the bed with a broom and start shooing the little critter out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a possum in real life before this, and they’re rather cute actually! Besides their possum.jpg
sharp protruding teeth and long rat-like tail, that is. Guillaume finally succeeded in getting it out of my bedroom (yippeeee!), only to have it take refuge in the dining room, living room, and den! So we chased the little sucker around the house for about ten minutes before the poor little guy decided he’d had enough and made a leisurely exit out the french doors. Can you believe this?!?!?! It was an absolutely outrageous night!

Sugar Orchid

Newsflash: In the process of revamping If you want a sneak peak of good things to come, check out the photo gallery index You won’t even recognize it! I haven’t uploaded any of the new pages as yet, but you can see what’ll be coming in the next week or so at least!

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Busy week

grapes.jpgWell, you’ll all be happy to know that I’ve secured a job with the Special Events department of the Greystone restaurant. Woo hoo! I’m an on-call prep cook basically, so when there are special events, which is just about all the time, they’ll call and see if I can come in and work, and then I go work! Ding! The only problem is that you never know when you’re going to be working, and the hours vary a lot. But, it’s a start anyways. And I heard from a little bird that there may be open opportunities to work as a Banquet server at Roux! Thanks to some impromptu networking I did after class the other day, I got the scoop on this little dealie-o. Will know for sure tomorrow, but I would rather work there because it’s more of a regular job, I’ll get more experience in the real restaurant setting, it pays about 3 dollars an hour more, there are more hours and it’s about a 1.5 minute walk from my house! Ding! We’ll see if they actually are hiring…

This week has been quite exhausting I must say! Three finals, a four page paper and a quiz in five days: yowzahs! It’s a great pace, but I don’t think I’ve quite adjusted to this whole getting-up-at-five-in-the-morning thing yet.

Jen and I hiked at Robert Louis Stevenson state park yesterday. We were supposed to do the ten miles up Mt. St. Helena, but we took the wrong path (and got lost for an hour on the way there…), so ended up at Table Rock trail instead. It was actually perfect! We met some very interesting people, who we’re hoping to run into again, and still got in a four mile hike. So it was all good.

The harvest has officially started! Rutherford, the town about 10 miles away, smells like wine! This picture of grapes I took last week by the library. They’re sooo delicious! I’m planning on making a new sourdough starter with these grapes tomorrow.

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