July, 2003

Mini Vaca

pie.gifTook a trip to Bully Hill Winery for lunch yesterday with the rest of the Cottage Crew. It was quite delish! Went boating, swimming, wake boarding, and sailing, and then had a tasty din-din at the Rock, followed by sumptuous blackberry pie and vanilla bean ice cream and a movie / slumber party by the water! So busy with planning trip, closing things up here, loose ends. More soon!


It seems like every time I have something to say here lately, it’s always about parties!! I’m not sure if this is a bad thing, but I guess it’s not because it sure feels good to me! So, anyways, per usual have been having lots of fun lately. Went to Watkins Glen last week–that was highly enjoyable! We counted 877 steps!! Thanks for all of your comments lately! I miss you all desperately too! Off for an excursion to S&A Boutique with Ani. Will fill you in on the details upon our return.


lake.bmpIt’s been a GREAT and BUSY past few days! On Thursday The Cottage Crew (Dave, Kristina and Matt) hosted a HOT summer BBQ party. Someone might have hijacked a boat, jumped off boat house roofs into The Mighty K, gone tandem water skiing, or consumed massive amounts of alcohol… pictures and more info to come soon.