February, 2003

Imitation, What?

I LOVE Alton Brown’s food network show Good Eats!! It is extremely entertaining! In my personal opinion, he is the most talented celebrity chef on the entire network and his pop culture humor and outlandish foodie pride are hilariously amusing. On his programAlton shares interesting tidbits about WHY food does the things it does, HOW to make it behave for you and even historical information about whatever he is preparing that day. For example, yesterday he was dealing with chocolate and made some awesome fondue. Did you know that fondue was invented during a Medevil Holy War by a soldier who was trying to make his bread less rock-like?! Ding! Plus, the intro to Good Eats has the hottest food graphics EVER! I highly reccomend this show. But beware, it will make you want to cook. I’m going to try out some of his brownie tips tonight (just to see how these tips work in real life, not because I have any desire to actually EAT a brownie).

In other news, stay away from Imitation Cherry Extract. That stuff’s nasty, son. I encountered it for the first time yesterday out of desperation. Let me just tell you that it tastes worse than the worst cough medicine you’ve ever experienced and smells…ugh, the scent is just indescribable. I wish I could put a little scratch, sniff and taste sticker on here so you could all experience it. The stuff is like toxic waste, yo!

I went to visit Carrie & company this weekend and had an exceptionally great time–fabulous fotos to come!!
Jen’s Birthday Celebration is tonight! Stay tuned in for pictures!

Snow for Gourmands

hershey.jpgHoo Ha! Can you believe all this snow? We enjoyed at least a foot of new snow today in Binghamton–on top of what we already had–making for some pretty exciting outdoor excursions!! Some of the girls and I frolicked in the icy precipitation for about an hour–there is a GIGUNDO snow bank in our parking lot that we happily took advantage of. Dawn and Jen introduced me to garbage bag sledding (in which you sit on a large plastic garbage bag that quickly propels you down aforementioned snow bank). We also experimented with rolling down the bank, which proved to be even more fun (if you can believe it!) than the impromptu sledding. When our limbs were too numb to move, we decided to head in for our Snow Sundae mise en place. This is an extremely easy and highly enjoyable winter treat that all of you who are blanketed in snow should try out!

Snow Sundae
1. Fill a cup with CLEAN (and preferably new) snow.
2. Pour several tablespoons of your favorite syrup on top of the snow in the cup. [Traditionally this recipe calls for maple
syrup, but I tried it today with chocolate syrup and liked it even better. I think it would also be excellent with Godiva’s
(or some other brand’s) chocolate liqueur].
3. Mix with spoon (Go ahead: revel in those crazy textures!), and eat!! Yummers!

Bad Girl Anthem

Remember Gloria Gaynor? She wrote that rockin’ song I Will Survive (which hit the top of the list today in 1979–24 years
ago!!). When I learned this exciting news I was reminded of the fiery disco fad that was an integral and defining portion of
our high school years. Yes, it’s true–Carrie and I (and most of our other friends too!) listened the entire Pure Disco
Collection over and over and over and over and over and over again during those important years. We were so influenced
by the disco movement that we had a senior portrait done in disco-ish outfits. HAHAHAHA! In addition, we found self-
instruction records and taught ourselves how to “do the Hustle” with flashy Queen Motifa style. We even performed this
choreographed dance technique at our Senior Ball, and once videotaped ourselves Hustling in unison (you are going to
have to do some serious begging if you want to see photos of that night / live video streaming of The Synchronized Hustlers).
In tribute to this (today-much-unappreciated) musical era, here is a special audio-visual version of I Will Survive
that I think you will all find highly amusing– whether you’re a Disco Lover or not. Happy Dancing!

V Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m curious what people think about this holiday–what do you think? I used to love it and be so excited about it. And I’m sure I will feel like that again some day. But this year I’m going to celebrate V Day instead. Inspired by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, V-Day celebrates the global effort to end violence against girls and women. Seems like a worthier cause–not that true love isn’t a worthy cause (I haven’t hit that “bitter, party of one” stage quite yet!!)–but the chocolate, red roses, balloons, and teddy bears are so OLD now. This lovey dovey holiday seems to have lost all it’s spirit. The SAME thing every year red red red roses roses roses. Wasn’t the whole holiday started because two wild, crazy and brazen lovers broke the mold and declared their passion?!! I dare you to break the mold this year!!
P.S. Cutest Pet Contest judging to be held early next week. Can you stand the supsense!?!?

Got to get me some animal lovin’

I found this great picture of my dog today. Isn’t she a phutums? Ok, ok I know everyone thinks that THEIR pet is the cutest in the whole world. Let’s make a collection of dog pictures and compare…we can have a contest…vote for your favorite dog! Send me (shira@moltenchocolate.com) your pics and we’ll put them up here for a contest of sorts! They can be any animal, not just dogs. And there will be a real (find it in your mailbox) prize for whoever wins!! Whaddaya say? Minimal work for you, lots of fun for all involved! Ding! VIEW EXTENDED ENTRY TO SEE ALL PET ENTRIES

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