Valentine’s Day

V Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m curious what people think about this holiday–what do you think? I used to love it and be so excited about it. And I’m sure I will feel like that again some day. But this year I’m going to celebrate V Day instead. Inspired by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues, V-Day celebrates the global effort to end violence against girls and women. Seems like a worthier cause–not that true love isn’t a worthy cause (I haven’t hit that “bitter, party of one” stage quite yet!!)–but the chocolate, red roses, balloons, and teddy bears are so OLD now. This lovey dovey holiday seems to have lost all it’s spirit. The SAME thing every year red red red roses roses roses. Wasn’t the whole holiday started because two wild, crazy and brazen lovers broke the mold and declared their passion?!! I dare you to break the mold this year!!
P.S. Cutest Pet Contest judging to be held early next week. Can you stand the supsense!?!?

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