Bargain Shopping

Perfectly Pleasurable Products

I’m a bargain shopper, always have been.  That’s why I am so excited about a few products I recently discovered that are both cheap and fabulous:

Dove Pro Age Day Moisturizer (spf 15) –  My Mom introduced me to this find, $4.99 at Ollie’s.  It’s the best moisturizer I’ve used in years – light but intensive and a great bonus is that you can use it as sunscreen too!  It smells great–watermelony but not too strong and there’s a tiny tiny bit of neutral sparkle.

Oil of Olaz Skin Adapt Latte Detergente (Isn’t it interesting that Oil of Olay changed their name to Oil of Olaz for the Italian market?  There’s no “y” in the Italian alphabet…).  I think this might be a product made only for the European market, as I didn’t find it on the Olay site, but I’m not sure.  It’s a milky face wash that you can wipe off with a tissue or wash off with water.  It has a great fresh scent and makes your face feel totally clean and moisturized after use.  Score.  Cost circa €4,00.

My third favorite product is less bargain basement than the others, but seeing as how you only need to use a few drops (and therfor it lasts a really long time), it really doesn’t cost that much.  It’s Rusk’s Sheer Brilliance Polisher.  A four ounce bottle cost $11–but I use it on all special occasions (once a week) and have had it for three years!  (There’s still a quarter of a bottle left too).  This product is for hair–and if you have hair with the tendency to frizz, this product is for you.  My hair doesn’t even frizz that much, but when I use the two magical drops of this, it stays nice and shiny for days.  I can even get away with not washing my hair everyday when I use this polisher.

And finally, Burt’s Bees chapstick.  If you like tingly, minty lips–get it.



Carrie’s Photo Documentation of Las Vegas

hats.jpgOh Lord. So, you know how Carrie came to visit Las Vegaaaaahhhs a couple of weeks ago? Well, you’re all in luck because she has posted Official Pictoral Documentation of our visit here in Sin City (which means that I don’t have to do it: DING!). Unfortunately while partying it up Sin City Style, Shanunu experienced a minor case of amnesia and neglected to document our jungle goddess experience during which we were chased by a bloodthirsty dragon, but if I shared all the details I’d have to… well you know how it goes (and I think it’s best to avoid any more bloodshed).

She did however go into detail about our journey into Nature and also mentioned the discovery of our new favorite thrift store! For complete coverage of Carrie’s trip to Las Vegas, go here. I have to say, the teal prom dress (which you’ll see if you go to the aforementioned photo gallery) definitely competes with the other 80’s style prom dresses we found a few years ago. You’ll have to decide for yourself which ones you like better! Beware travellers, as it’s obvious that hereto forward, the motto “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” no longer rings true…

Summertime and the livin’s easy

OH MY GAWD! I discovered THE ABSOLUTE BEST Salvation Army today. It’s freaking amazing, yo!!! It doesn’t even compare to the other Salvation Armies Carrie and I visited in Troy and Albany!!! I went on a serious shopping spree and spent about $30 for an entire new wardrobe practically! While perusing the racks I came across a great country western line dancing skirt–dude, it must have weighed about 15 pounds!! AND THE TWIRL! I wish I had brought a camera crew so that you could see how that skirt twirled! It was so great! Among the items I actually purchased are a sexy black “going out” shirt, a real vintage Army shirt (it actually has the ARMY tag still on it!!), A guy’s light blue button down, the FUNNEST HOTTEST dress I think I’ve ever owned: it’s a light blue-ish green with white polka dots and looks like a 20’s flapper dress kind of…hard to explain, but it’s extremely hot, a pair of jean shorts (because I have exactly NO pairs of shorts that are not black spandex :-P)….. and a top-of-the-line designer name white slip dress with an exotic flower embroided on one shoulder. This one is actually 3 sizes too big, but I’m going to ask my friend, who is also a fashion designer, to alter it for me. Ding! All in all, it was a very very VERY exciting trip. I must have tried on 40 different things! AIIEEEE!!!

In other news, work is going well! I finally feel like I’m back in the swing of things after the semester away. Business hasn’t actually gotten busy yet, but we’re all hopeful that next weekend will bring the start of the summer season. I’m staying at The Rock again with Minnie Mae. Working lots of hours–besides being Luch Chef six-seven days a week I’m hostessing 3-4 nights after that. It’s lots of fun!

I’m so excited for Napa!! I can’t believe that I haven’t even had time to put up the pics from our trip there in March yet! Ahgaigha. Sorry ’bout that guys. I don’t have an internet connection this summer, so I guess you won’t be seeing those until I actually get to California! I also have yet to post real pics of the last parties we had at school, Spring break in North Carolina, Aunt Joan’s wedding, and several other highly exciting events. If I even had a real phone at the place I’m staying this summer, I totally could put those babies up, but alas. I guess the suspense of waiting for another few months will just make them all that more exciting when you do actually get to see them, right?

Just to let you know why I’m not posting as often as usual–it’s that the library is usually open only during the time when I’m at work, so it’s not that I don’t love ya’ll, just that the public computer acess at my fingertips is quite limited. Hope you’re all having a great summer!!

Purple Teeth

Back from the West Coast (definitely deserves capitaliztion). Gosh, that was the best vacation I’ve EVER been on in my ENTIRE life. I think I’m finally old enough to Appreciate vacations now (—>therefore, I should take them more often, right?). SOOO much to share with you about that trip–I’m getting all of our pictures together and will feature Complete And Official Documentation Of Spring Break In The Napa Valley on a visually stimulating website like none you’ve ever seen!!

Until then, you should check out the recently updated Photo Gallery, please. Of special interest is the new mini-page: Thrift Store Extravaganza. Speaking of quality secondhand establishments, Dad just told me about the Salvation Army in Bath, NY. Recently renovated, this S&A Boutique is new and improved with more square footage to house the color-coordinated racks of radiant retro-wear! Apparently I’m going to need to hire an entire camera crew for that excursion: should be a good time!! 😀