Balancing Heat

“Food that is hot must have flavor,” says Barbara Tropp and I agree.

How to do it? If you want heat, add chiles and remember to balance the dish with ingredients that stimulate all of your tastebuds. Something sweet, something salty, something sour… Here’s a list of ingredients that help mute and enrich the searing heat of chiles so you can have heat and flavor:

Sour orange juice
Roasted vegetables

You don’t necessarily have to put these into your spicy dish. Try serving the meal with a foamy cold drink or incorporating them into a sidedish.

A Note On Spice Origin

Ever wonder where spices come from? Here’s a little rhyme to help you remember:
Cinnamon from the bark
Pepper from the berry
Ginger from the root
Nutmeg from the fruit!

Goat Milk Yogurt? You’ll Love It!

goat2.jpgHave you seen goat milk yogurt in your favorite grocery store lately? Chances are you haven’t– unless you live in Northern California or some other very health-conscious locale. It’s goaty for sure! Redwood Hill Farm makes a very nice goat milk yogurt in a variety of flavors. If you’re confused about what to do with the foreign-sounding milk product, never fear! The same farm also offers an extensive list of recipes to get your creative juices flowing. (Goat milk yogurt: it’s not just for lunch anymore). They even have beer and cheese pairing suggestions. You can substitute goat milk yogurt in pretty much any recipe that calls for sourcream, buttermilk, milk, or cream for an exciting new kick. I had the opportunity to vist Redwood Hill Farm when I lived in Nor-Cal and it was a very well run place indeed. (And they have some terrifically adorable goats to boot!). Give it a go; you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Turkey Day At Bouchon

This is what we’ll be serving tomorrow night:

First Course
Confit turkey wings, slow-cooked cranberries, fris�e salad

Second Course
Turkey leg “rillette” with currants, roasted yams and baby leeks

Main Course
Roasted turkey breast, chesnut and foie gras stuffing, brussels sprouts, caramelized apples and potato pur�e

“Pecan Pie” with warm chocolate fondant, roasted pecan mousse and bourbon ice cream

Pumpkin pot de cr�me

Indian bread pudding with brioche, assorted dried fruit and vanilla bean ice cream

MMmmmmmmm!!!! Maybe turkey day away from home won’t be so bad afterall…

Serious Tastebuds

cow.bmpDid you know that the average cow has 25,000 tastebuds? The average adult only has 10,000! It’s too bad all cows eat is grass, gourmet dining would surely be an extremely enjoyable experience for them! Can you imagine?

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