Halloweenie Hooligans, Hallowmas, Barnbrak, and Pompions

witch.jpgHappy Halloween! Who are these hairy hooligans?! I feel they’re going to have to do a better job at dressing up or their loot bags are going to be empty tomorrow night. (Hahahha!)

Is anyone dressing up this year? I don’t think I am…I might wear some festive earings before I go to work (earing wearing is not so much permited at work). I think it’s a sad state of affairs when the silliness eeks out of you enough so that you don’t even want to dress up for Halloween anymore. I need to address this issue in myself, but I hope you will all email me pictures of your costumes so I can post them on moltenchocolate.com!

Are you curious about why we celebrate Halloween? I was too, and discovered that the festivities stem from a Celtic tradition called Samhain. On the night of October 31 (the day before Winter officially began–Winter being associated with death), the Celts sacrificed animals (and wore their heads and skins as costumes) and crops in huge bonfires in hopes that the spirits and ghosts returning to earth to prey on humans during the cold months would be appeased. Interesting, huh?

Why jack-o-lanterns? Read on…!

Fairytale Pumpkins

fairytale.jpgThe Fairytale pumpkin. SO HOT!!! THE hottest pumpkin of the season, if you ask me. These pumpkins have loads of character, charm, and color innuendos. They look magical! Definitely my new favorite pumpkin.

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