Time Warp

epcot2.gifI miss being cold. Could it be cold just for a few minutes so I can wear a snuggly sweatshirt, please? I’m craving snow and crisp Autumn air, crunchy leaves and ice. It was in the upper 80s yesterday and WHAT a relief. We didn’t even have to turn the air conditioner on!! Can you imagine? I’ve been practicing positive visualization techniques extensively of late (snow drifts, polar bears, ski lifts…) and today managed to transport myself not only to another climate, but back in time!!! (Dum duh dum dum duuuuuuuummmmm) Here’s a break down:

*Telescoping back in time to 1994*

It’s 7th grade at LeRoy Jr./Sr. High School. Me and the girls (we all have nicknames that start with the letter S: Shiraz, Shanaynay, Shalami, Shanunu) are pumped for our upcoming Marching Band trip to Florida. Very pumped. We’re so excited that we decide to release some of our creative energy into a short novel documenting what we imagine the trip will be like. And so, The Florida Story is born.

We each write a chapter and pass it on for the others to read and write the consecutive chapter–there are 24 chapters by the time we’re done. The final product is of the romantic comedy/action adventure genre.

By the end of the novel, we’re trying to kill the others off and write ourselves in as the heroine. That’s where this picture of me on top of Epcot center comes in. After a tragical accident (I was attempting a quick getaway on a motorcycle with a new-found True Love when I fell in to a pool and got a concussion), I (Shiraz) end up at the hospital hooked up to an IV of Valium. I miraculously escape and (still hyped up on Valium) decide I need to go on the Spaceship Earth ride. The real story is so much more dramatic, here’s a little clip– Carrie writes:
She jumped off the ride, ran through a secret passage to a hatch that opened to the top of the golf ball and stood right on the top…(end of chapter)

I pick up with the next chapter…

So there I was, poised to jump off the giant golfball. I had just finished singing “Star Spangled Banner” when far down below I saw, nothing–it was really far down to the ground!

Meanwhile, Shanunu, Shanaynay and Shalane were in the cafe in France (at Epcot). They were sitting at a cute little cafe sipping cappucinos and eyeing the hotty across the aisle. All of a sudden he stood up and started walking towards them (obviously there was a major attraction!). He was so engrossed with the lovely ladies that he walked right into a gigundo clay pot with a palm tree in it. Woops! The girls jumped up and ran over to see if he was alright. The hottie looks into Shanaynay’s eyes and says, “Hi Gorgeous!” Shanaynay passes out because he is so absolutely groovy.

Suddenly, “OH NOOOO!! STOP!! DON’T DO IT!” screams Sazama (Shiraz’s new found love) when he sees Shiraz poised to jump off of the giant golf ball.
“Why not?” demanded Shiraz.
Shiraz responds, “Okay, but not an artificial cherry because those are DISGUSTING!” But not knowing how to get down (the valium still affecting her), she jumps!!! (To Shalane and Shanunu’s great joy–with Shiraz out of the way, they are free to be the heroines). BUT ALAS!! Shiraz foils them again!! She had a bungee cord on! Oh HA HA!! The End.

I guess you need to have experienced the entire Florida Story sub-culture to really appreciate this poorly written humor…or perhaps you need to have read the entire story from start to finish. But, I thought this little segment was highly amusing.

For all interested, The Florida Story is also available on audio tape. That’s right, at our impromptu two-year reunion we each read a few chapters and recorded the entire mini-novel on audio casette–complete with sound effects and impersonations! I think it definitely has Hollywood Blockbuster potential, don’t you?

Blast From the Past

I’m thinking about starting a new tradition here at I was reading my journal last night and just cracking up hysterically at some of the things I wrote. So, I thought I would share an excerpt or two with you, in hopes that you might find them equally entertaining…

I thought this first one would be appropriate since I’m about to start my first “real career”. **Sidenote** Jeanine is what I called my diary back then. She was sort of like an invisible friend. (For those of you that care, I’m currently back to “Dear Diary”).April 25, 1995

Dear Jeanine,

Last night my Female Parental Unit showed me this article in the Buffalo Museum and Science Center Brochure. It was an ad looking for a volunteer to go on an archaeological dig! I signed up immediately! I hope and pray that they will pick me! It would be so exciting and thrilling to actually try out what I’ve always wanted to do as a career. Plus, I would make new friends! And maybe a resource for a college thingy…

“College resource thingy?” I guess I meant reference. Oh, career evolution. Yes, it’s true: my first Dream Job was to be an archaeologist. I think this mostly had to do with my DEEP love for Indiana Jones, but I do have a real interest in unearthing history, learning the truth, investigation, and whatnot. How have your career goals evolved since 1995??

Library Dreams

library.bmpMaybe I should be a librarian.

I would be a fantastic librarian!

I have a deep-rooted appreciation for the literary world!

I have a degree in English literature and am a vocal proponent for the benefits of reading (which far surpass the benefits of watching TV)!

And talk about your extensive shelf-reading experience: four years at WML. Not to mention my serious passion for The Art of the Written Word!

I have library cards in five different counties and two different states!

That’s a solid foundation for a career in librarianship, wouldn’t you say?

Plus, look at this picture! I’m already on the NIOGA website, which practically makes me a famous librarian already. Ding(-ish)!

My Life Is Changing Every Single Day

Things that make me happy this week:

-I’ve been eating a lot of grape nuts. The crunch is so satisfying.
-IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) Sour Cherries
-Tapioca Pearls–though I haven’t eaten any yet this week, I’ve been thinking about them almost constantly, dreaming up exciting ways to use them in desserts.
-Re-uniting with old friends
-Fantasies about what the rest of my life will be like.
Current favorites include:

Option 1: I move to Hammondsport and help Dad build The Rock while working at Three Birds (redesigning their website and taking over as Pasty Chef), creating a fabulous new dessert menu that Food Arts comes to review) and start a family-run bakery.
I’ll plant a big huge garden and start writing a book of poetry, make friends with the witch who lives on the other side of the mountain and swim across the lake every morning.
I think I’ll renovate the little back house into an Ideation Studio. Or maybe I’ll just build a new one farther up on the property.
This plan is perfect for me because it satisfies all my needs: I get to be with the fam, doing creative, passionate things with people I love and become even more successful (even though I unfortunately won’t be training with a famous European Chef)…although, now that you mention it, I could probably convince Jacques Pepin, Daniel Boulud or Paul Bocuse to come visit for a few months, don’t you think?

Imaginary Future #2: Me. Switzerland. Master Chocolatier. (HEAVEN).

Yet a Third: Hot Side/Cold Side in the Carribbean, Mexico or Hawaii. The heat. The sand. The year-round tan. Need I elaborate?

Numero Cuatro:Canada. I love Canada. And I’ve only explored a tiny, tiny part of the country as yet. Elusive, sexy, foreign. And home to everyone’s favorite orphan (Anne of Green Gables).

How About New York City? Even though I’ve lived in New York State for my entire life up until the past seven months, I’ve only been to the city three times (and they were only day trips!). Perhaps it’s time to explore the big apple…

There’s always San Francisco. Big City life could be very exciting–especially with the Ocean so near by and the hot SF nightlife and cultural activities.

Do you have an imaginary future that involves me (or not)? Let’s hear it!! What’s your fantasy future??! Share your fantasy and win a tasty confection from!!

Minty Hoopaverse

loop.jpgFeeling self-indulgent yesterday, I splurged on a few extra-special Wal*Mart specials! I totally believe in the quality of the great products I purchased yesterday. Check these out:

Herbal Whitening Toothpaste
Not only does this toothpaste have a fantastically fresh minty flavor, but it’s packed with exotic herbs (including Melissa, Eucalyptus, and some other exciting ones…). I also enjoy the cantelope green box and tube it’s packaged in. Hotness.

A Hot Pink Bubble Gum Scented Hoola Hoop
Apparently hoola hooping is not like riding a bike, because my record hoopage since yesterday is three. And I’ve been working at it quite a lot. Any helpful hints you can throw my way about how to improve my hula hooping skills would be much appreciated! I’m hoping to work up to this after I re-master the one hoop. These other hoola hoops are quite interesting as well…

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