Poultry Review

brioche.jpg Here are some photos from Turkey Day 2K3. Featured in this first picture are some scrumpscious little brioches, which came out well considering we had to do some serious improvising (read: Rapid Rise yeast and muffin tins replaced the molds…).
The brioche served as a bit of an appetizer too, since they came out of the oven a few minutes before dinner. Lup lup!

Moving right along…
biscotti.jpg I thought some simple dipping cookies might be in order for a “light” after dinner treat, so Brenda and I whipped up some Pistachio Cranberry biscotti and another Chocolate Hazelnut rendition of the same Italian favorite. Everyone raved about the chocolate/anise combination, but I wasn’t a big fan.

Uncle G “kicked up” the mashed potatoes by adding a large quantity of one of his favorite cheeses from the Bleu family.

And after two and a half days of prep, we sit down and devour the feast in less than fifteen minutes!!

Much more than a hunch

While reminiscing I discovered these pics of the fam and just couldn’t resist. A full family tree version may be coming soon! This picture of Ben is from last summer during football season. He occasionally dyed his mohawk blue, but, alas I never captured it on film! Seth’s picture is from our most recent trip to the Outer Banks (recently pummeled by hurricane). And here’s Phoebe at her Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in June. The picture of me was taken last weekend after our attempt to Nightclub in Napa. We ended up going to Bouchon for coffee and dessert after three un-happening bar hops. Bouchon is related to the world-renowned French Laundry of Chef Thomas Keller (Known in these parts as Tommy K), where the girls and I will be dining on a 12 course meal in early December! HOTNESS.



AIEEE!!! Just got back from my sister’s wedding in Pennsylvania. It was great! This picture certainly does not do either of them justice due to my Photoshop woes. (You see, I scammed a pirated copy of Adobe from some friends and now the serial number has expired–>alas it no longer works. Fiddlesticks. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or perhaps you have a copy of Adobe that you’d like to send to me?? 🙂 That would be Excellent. Anyhow, it’s as good as you’re gonna get until I save up $900 to buy my own version or until some other solution presents itself.

But back to the wedding…it was great fun! Held at the Centre Bridge Inn on the Delaware River, we were fortunate enough to enjoy our own private ride on a barge-pulled-by-mules! What fun! I’m not even going to promise you pictures in the near future, because it will be impossible for me to upload new photos until mid-August. (TRAGICAL!!!! I just made four beautiful pages, but there’s no way to upload them at the library!! Can we say “frustration?!?!” I think we can).

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