Sensitivity Plant

I bought a sensitivity plant at the grocery store last week.  It reminds me of my grandma (on my Mom’s side).  When I was little and we went to visit, she used to take the plant down from the windowsill and let me touch it.  After living together for a week now, I can say that this definitely rivals having a dog — in the sense that at least this is a plant that you can interact with a little.

 See the sensitivity plant in action!  (video loading below…)


Congratulations Sethy

Seth, newly graduated from high school, in a recent email wrote the following:

“I hope you are having fun and making a lot of money (well at least making money, there are enough millionaries out there, somebody has to be broke, right?)”

Mini-Vaca to The Homestead

chipper.jpgMy trip home this past weekend was the best vacation I’ve had in my entire life. It was so therapeutic to be with people I know (and love) and with people who know (and love) me!! It was extremely difficult to come back to this lonely, torrid heat trap, but here I am, surviving just fine. I’ll post the pictures later this week.

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