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Il Orto 2008

cipolla.jpgWell, here you go, folks: the full documentary of the 2008 garden! (view fullscreen – press F11)

Well, perhaps I should say “part one: tilling & seeding” of the 2008 garden documentary.

It’s raining here today and is supposed to rain all weekend, which will be good for my freshly planted produce! 

We put in quite a variety this year: mint, basil, chives, sage, rosemary, parsley, two kinds of tomatoes (cuore di bue and plum), four kinds of peppers, an eggplant, two kinds of zucchini (standard and trombette – A climbing Italian squash that produces long trumpet shaped lime green fruit and tastes similar to a mild artichoke), pumpkins (for Halloween), onions, spring onions, four kinds of lettuce (different mescluns), and of course we have our prize-winning artichokes.

I also planted some flowers and am hoping for a hedge of giant zinnia…though the seeds don’t seem to be doing much yet.  I have say I’m quite attached to this little patch of earth.  Everyday after work I go out and putter around in the orto (garden).  It seems there’s always something to do – pull weeds, water, check up on things…After ten hours in front of a computer this puttering time is very theraputic.

Tomorrow is Another Day

Emerging from my state of blogging passivity, I was all geared up to tell you all about our great new garden – but am so tired, I’ll have to do it tomorrow…

In quick news, my new contacts with increased seeing-power finally arrived – it is so surprising to be able to see all this detail!  It’s a new world. 



Our computer’s USB ports no longer work.  Oops.  I think it’s because I didn’t install the software of my new mp3 player before charging it.  So that’s why I haven’t been posting lately–we have an external modem (umm, ok, soo 1999)–and needless to say, it connects to our computer via the USB port.  Trying to repair it…

Earth to Shira

bensethluca.jpgWell, I’m back from vacation!  *sigh* Mad pics coming soon. 

It’s been raining here for the last three days, ugh, but the sun finally came out today.  Woohoo! 

Got a long weekend coming up and am going to go to town on my garden. 

The time has come!! 

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