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The 52 Week Money Challenge – you game?


I am officially participating in the 52 week money challenge.  Anyone else in?  I’m on week three now and still going strong. (Ha!)  All you have to do is get a jar, print out this chart, and add the indicated amount of money to the jar each week.

Week one: one dollar, week 3: three dollars, and so on.  At the end of the  year you’ll have $1378 in your jar!!!  That’s at least one trans-atlantic plane ticket!

And while you’re looking around the house for large empty jars, put one aside for this other fun idea: A Year of Fun & Good Times.

Every time something especially funny happens throughout the year, write it on a little piece of paper and stick it in the jar.  You could write happy memories, funny stories, or other things you don’t want to forget.  On New Year’s Eve, open the jar up and read about all the great things that happened to you this year.

Summer Vacation 2012

Here are the pictures from our trip to Greenville, SC & Tybee Island.  Carrie & Oak came to visit us at Mom & Dad’s new place in Greenville.  They brought a ton of awesome summer sausage, artisan beer, cheese and fancy mustard with them too, which we totally pigged out on for days!  After exploring Greenville for a week we drove over to Savannah and had a family reunion on Tybee Island, GA.  Ben flew in from California, Phoebe came down from New Jersey and Seth met us there since he was living nearby.  A week on the beach!

Among the  most memorable highlights were an amazing impersonation of Tiny Tim performed by Dad (please see video), paddle boarding in the ocean, boondoggling, daily pool games in our very own kitchen, hours and hours on the beach, and plenty of family bonding.  Read on for pictures and anecdotes!

Happy Easter

Here are some of the eggs I colored this year – couldn’t find any white eggs, but the brown eggs actually worked just fine, and they have neat dark specks that white eggs don’t have. I also blew the insides out of three eggs and made Christmas ornaments out of them. The red didn’t come out in the picture below, it’s really an awesome red and I painted it with clear nailpolish to make it shiny.


I suppose I should be apologizing for not having posted in such a long time, but I’m not going to.  Ha!  I’ve been rediscovering the joy of reading this month with Jean M. Auel‘s Earth’s Children series.  It is so fantastic.  My Mom (Janet) gave me the first book in the series, Clan of the Cave Bear, which had been given to her by one of her college roommates (Jane).  (I find it interesting that the names of these three women all start with J, don’t you?)  After devouring the Cave Bear in record time (it is a whopping 468 pages), I absolutely HAD to have the rest of the series.  As you can imagine, this created a dilemna.  English literature isn’t exactly aboudingly easy to find in Verduno, so I book mooched the entire rest of the series for free online.  

Or I thought I had.  When I finished the third book (which had a little more sex than was necessary in it) two weeks ago and went to start the fourth I realized that I was missing #4.  Woe was me!!!  If you’re not a big reader, you cannot understand how it feels to be going strong on a great new series after a ten-year drought of quality reading material and then run out of books!! GHAIGHAIA!!  It’s THE worst.  (The same thing happened to me when I was twelve and discovered, on a trip to Wellesley to visit my Grandparents, Tamora Pierce‘s The Song of the Lioness series.  I unknowingly purchased the third book in the series and loved it.  Unfortunately, the rest of the series was not available at WML and I had to wait a whole year before going back to that book store near Nonnie’s house for the rest of the series.  (Which, obviously, they didn’t have.)  I ended up finding the last book FOUR years after reading the first one.  Can you imagine?!  That was life before internet!)  It seems this missing book in a series is a recurrent theme in my life and a burden I must bear.  Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of book #4…

In both of these series’ there’s a strong female protagonist that I am one with.  Seriously, this is more of a spiritual bond than I’ve felt with most of my boyfriends.  You know you’re in deep when start seeing parts of these fictional characters’ lives in your own life.  In Earth’s Children, there’s Ayla, daughter of the earth.  I knew I was in deep when I started wishing I had a birch tree near by so I could chew on that instead of brushing my teeth in the morning, and wearing my fake-suede slipper boots and pretending that I hunted the deer and prepared the hide myself.  In The Song of the Lioness, there was Alanna, the lady knight who also knew magic – I tried some of her magic spells myself in secret.  And in Anne of Green Gables (my other favorite series of all time, though I prefer the movies to the books), there’s Anne – I memorized and can recite from heart all of her favorite poetry.  (I find it interesting that all their names start with A, don’t you?)

What will the next series be?  Suggestions, anyone?

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